i am not a trained expert, but i reliably get a great image from the film that i develop. the short 4-5 hour course basically consists of us developing some film together and talking about the tips and tricks that i have learnt.i develop all of my own film in my kitchen at home. it's surprisingly simple and, after an initial investment, the cost is really low. i know a lot of friends that want to start shooting more film, but getting it developed and scanned is prohibitively expensive. that's why i thought i could share my process with others to enable them to shoot more.

the way it works is as follows:

  • you get 3-6 people together that want to learn, i come to your house (or i can organise a venue).
  • i will bring everything that is needed to develop the film, plus a list of links to buy everything you need to develop yourself (you can always club together and buy a community set of kit if you want)
  • we each shoot a dummy roll of film to develop.
  • i then take you through the process of loading the film into the tanks, developing and fixing in the chemicals and hanging the final picture to dry. i leave you with the film drying over night with some sleeves to store it afterwards.

you will then have all of the knowledge you need to develop your film on your own.

the course costs £100 per person. 

i run a course on the first and third sunday of each month, so get in touch if you are interested.

email me